Takahiro Akira Go Kasatori Sou

Call name: Hiro

Born: 7/16/2013

Health: OFA Excellent, Patella Normal, Eyes anterior capsular opacities possibly related to PPM

Optimal Selection Genetic Screening: Clear of all tested disorders 

Color: Black Sesame (Kuro-Goma)

Coat A-Locus Genes: aw/aw (Kuro-Goma/Kuro-Goma)

Breeder: Nico Reimerink

Sire: Shousei Homare Go Izumo Yanosou

Dam: Unshoume Go Izumo Yanosou

Co-owned by Katja Weber of Akashima Kennel

For more information about Hiro’s lineage, please visit Takahiro Akira Go Kasatori Sou on the Shikoku Pedigree database.


Affectionate, Positive & Energetic

Hiro’s favorite hobby is playing with (and ultimately destroying) his toys.  He is an affectionate dog who greets everyone with kisses and prefers to keep his family in sight at all times. Hiro’s energy is always positive and seemingly boundless. He doesn’t seem to mind being second in command when Setsuko decides she is in charge, and is content to go with the flow no matter what the rest of the pack is doing. He is also a terrific hunter, though when he catches and kills something he usually leaves it for Setsuko as a “present.”  

Hiro in Summer - Akitsu Shikoku Ken


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