Shunreihou Go Shounan Koumesou   

Call name: Kota

Born: 1/13/2018

Health: OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patella Normal, Eyes PPM

Optimal Selection Genetic Screening: Clear of all tested disorders 

Color: Black Sesame (Kuro-Goma)

Coat A-Locus Genes: aw/at (Kuro-Goma/Kuro)

Breeder: Masanori Negishi

Sire: Kawamura No Ryuuchou Go Fukasou

Dam: Shunyoume Go Sakawagou

For more information about Kota’s lineage, please visit Shunreihou on the Shikoku Pedigree database.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Intelligent, Creative & Energetic

Kota’s most unusual hobby is bowling with coconuts! As a teenager he discovered the joy of collecting coconuts and rolling them along the length of our deck. Then, when he was done playing, he would open the front door and let himself inside. He is a creative, intelligent and highly energetic dog with a very strong prey drive. He is generally stoic and reserved around strangers, but is closely bonded to our son. Born in Japan, he is a wonderful example of the breed, possessing the typical Shikoku characteristics in both appearance and personality.

Kota in Yard - Akitsu Shikoku Ken

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