Tsukiko Kenzo Go Kasatori Sou

Call name: Kiko

Born: 7/14/2018

Health: OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patella Normal, Eyes Normal

Optimal Selection Genetic Screening: Clear of all tested disorders 

Color: Black and Tan (Kuro)

Coat A-Locus Genes: at/at (Kuro/Kuro)

Breeder:Nico Reimerink

Sire: Takaou Go Hata Inoshishisou

Dam: Suzuka Hime Go Mikasasou

For more information about Kiko’s lineage, please visit Tsukiko on the Shikoku Pedigree database.



Joy & Enthusiasm

Kiko’s favorite hobby is digging up crabs on the beach and chasing them into the surf. She sees life as an adventure and approaches everything with joyful enthusiasm. Kiko is the most food-motivated of all our Shikoku and will do just about anything for cheese. When we first began to train her, she had so much energy she mastered “roll” and a figure-8 long before more sedentary activities like “sit”. She is very affectionate and will even greet strangers with kisses. 


Kiko profile on the beach - Akitsu Shikoku Ken

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