Akashima’s Kochi-Ken Setsuko  

Call name: Setsuko

Born: 12/27/2012

Health: OFA Hips Good, Patella Grade 1 Luxation (intermittent right medial), Eyes Normal

Optimal Selection Genetic Screening: Clear of all tested disorders 

Color: Red Sesame (Aka-Goma)

Coat A-Locus Genes: ay/at (Aka-Goma/Kuro)

Breeder: Katja Weber

Sire: Tenshou Go Awahakua

Dam: Fukuchiyo Go Nidai Iwahori Sou

For more information about Setsuko’s lineage, please visit Akashima’s Kochi-Ken Setsuko on the Shikoku Pedigree database.



Speed & Agility

Setsuko’s favorite hobby is chasing deer.  She takes advantage of every opportunity to track them in the woods. Her beautiful proportions translate into speed and agility outdoors.  We found it strange that she wasn’t eating more after spending hours running in New Hampshire- until we realized she was supplementing her meals with field mice she caught in the garden!  When not on the hunt Setsuko loves to spend hours outside watching over her territory or just relaxing in the sun. She is a sensitive and intelligent dog who appreciates having a bell by the door that she can ring repeatedly until we let her outside.

Setsuko at NIPPO Classic - Akitsu Shikoku Ken

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