Yumiko Benjirou Go Akitsu  

Call name: Mika

Born: 10/22/2017

Health: OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patella Normal, Eyes Normal

Optimal Selection Genetic Screening: Clear of all tested disorders 

Color: Black Sesame (Kuro-Goma)

Coat A-Locus Genes: aw/at (Kuro-Goma/Kuro)

Breeder: Anne and Erik Entwistle

Sire: Takahiro Akira Go Kasatori Sou

Dam: Akashima’s Kochi Ken Setsuko

For more information about Mika’s lineage, please visit Yumiko Benjirou Go Akitsu on the Shikoku Pedigree database.


Gentle & Loving

Mika’s favorite hobby is patrolling her yard for rabbits. Born here at Akitsu Shikoku Ken, she is a sweet dog who has impressed us with the loving care she has given to her younger siblings. Mika enjoys babysitting, and especially loves it when our puppies chase her around the yard. She is unusually calm on leash and has patiently introduced some of our youngest kennel visitors to walking a Shikoku. At home she appreciates sleeping in the sun and watching the neighborhood from our balcony.


Mika by palm leaves - Akitsu Shikoku Ken


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