Puppy Cam

Our Puppy Cam is not on right now, so click below to watch a classic video from our October 22, 2017 litter. Watch for Mika (purple collar) and Kazu (blue collar).

This is unedited video, so fast forward through nap time to enjoy puppy play time! 

At 31 days old, these pups are being introduced to an Avidog Adventure Box for the first time. The Adventure Box is designed to teach them that noisy, dangling objects are fun, not scary. Kazu tries to wake up about 14 minutes in, Mika wakes up quietly around 21 minutes in, then all the boys wake up about 34 minutes in. The pup’s food arrives at 36:30.

Visit Akitsu Shikoku Ken on YouTube to see many more videos. 

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